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Creating a Concept-Driven Senior Portrait Session

- Featuring Megan Wells Class of 2024

Senior portraits are a wonderful way to commemorate the transition from high school to adulthood, and adding a fashion editorial touch can elevate these portraits to a whole new level of sophistication and style. In this blog post I will walk you through the process of creating a fashion editorial senior portrait session using unique and personalized concepts.

1. Conceptualize Your Vision

The first step is to conceptualize your vision for the session. Brainstorm creative ideas that align with your personality and interests. Consider themes like dream travel destinations, architecture, or future dream jobs. Pull inspiration from your personal style by asking yourself am I..... Vintage Vogue, Modern Bohemian, or Urban Chic. Select from images that are based around ideas, artist, hobbies, and places that you love and resonates with you. This will set the tone for each location, and styling.

2. Plan the Wardrobe and Styling

Fashion is the heart of any editorial photoshoot, so carefully plan the wardrobe and styling to match the chosen concept. Collaborate with me as your photographer to help curate outfits that reflect the theme and create a cohesive look. Consider using props to ensure every detail, from clothing to accessories, enhances the overall vision and helps you create posing that is natural.

3. Scouting the Perfect Location

The location sets the stage for a fashion editorial senior portrait photoshoot. I will personally scout for unique and visually appealing backdrops that complement the chosen concept. It could be an industrial urban area, a picturesque beach, a luxurious mansion, or a quaint countryside setting. The location should align with the theme and add depth to the portraits. We don't know what we are looking for until we are know what to look for. It could be something I drive by everyday or you have a friend of a friend that knows of a place. We want to be sure we are honoring the concept.

4. Incorporate Editorial Posing

Fashion editorials often feature dynamic and dramatic posing and mostly they are lifestyle driven. The key here is constant movement. Experiment with various poses that exude confidence, elegance, and personality. Watch the education I send you prior to the shoot so you understand that constant movement is doing simple things and from time to time taking a risk. It is okay to have outtakes. Allow failures to happen and I promise the dynamic posing will happen. On the shoot I will guide you through the poses or ideas so we capture striking and captivating images that showcase the essence of the chosen concept. Posing will change based on ideas and concepts.

5. Utilizing Natural and Artificial Lighting

Lighting is crucial in fashion photography. Using natural light to create soft and flattering portraits, especially during golden hour. Additionally, incorporate artificial lighting, such as off-camera flashes and reflectors, to add depth and dimension to the images. Proper lighting enhances the overall mood and brings the fashion editorial senior portrait concept to life. Knowing this and doing the work of watching the education will help you better understand how to move with different lighting setups and it's benefits and limitations.

Creating a fashion editorial senior portrait session using unique concepts is a fantastic way to celebrate the journey of high school graduation in style and YOUR STYLE. By conceptualizing a vision, planning the wardrobe and styling, trusting me as the photographer with the perfect location, incorporating editorial posing and learning prior to arrival will help you create a truly remarkable and unforgettable senior portrait experience. Celebrate individuality, style, and achievements with a fashion-forward approach to senior photography! I can't wait to hear your ideas, learn who you are and show you how magazine cover worthy you are, being you.

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