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The Art of Posing for Men

Capturing the perfect shot of male models for fashion photography can be perceived as challenging. The question of how to pose male models often arises, as the poses for men differ from those for women. However, many photographers mistakenly believe that the posing options for men are limited, which is not the case.

In reality, there is a wide range of posing options available for male models. To prove this, we have curated a list of the 15 best fashion photography poses for male models. By adopting these poses, you can achieve stunning and remarkable results.

  1. Contrapposto or Counterpose

  2. Strolling

  3. Arching Arm

  4. One Leg Up

  5. Hands and Face Pose

  6. Leaning Poses

  7. Hands in Pockets

  8. Detail Shots

  9. Cropped Images

  10. Tattoos

  11. Hands

  12. Face Shots

For each pose, there are tips and techniques to make the most of the shot. For example, the Counterpose pose should appear natural and relaxed, while the One Leg Up pose conveys a relaxed and aloof sense. Hands in Pockets can be varied by having both hands in or just one hand in a pocket. Detail Shots can feature watches or other accessories and are excellent for focusing on one specific feature of the model. Cropped Images can create dynamic compositions, but care must be taken to crop the photo in a way that enhances the feature being focused on. Tattoo shots can add a powerful, masculine appeal to the image. Finally, Face Shots are a great way to capture a range of expressions from the model, and asking the model to move through a series of expressions can help capture the perfect shot.

Nico did such an excellent job keeping his shoot relaxed that it's a perfect shoot to learn from as he used nearly all the posing techniques. We both traveled to Tampa Bay for this urban editorial senior portrait session.


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