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Personal Branding Session with artist Michelle Delisle

I have been dreaming of doing a personal branding photography session for an artist. There is something about art that is personal and represents their personality through the work, process and how they live their life. Being able to show the artist, that makes the art makes this idea come full circle. It was as an honor to be asked to photograph this amazing talent doing what shes love, surrounded by those that love her and in a place she calls home. I hope these images help you to know this amazing woman and the incredible art that she makes in Palm Coast, Florida.

To see more or to purchase the art by Michelle Delisle visit

About the artist Michelle Delisle:

My obsession with art began at an early age, I have been drawing since I could hold a crayon. This obsession grew into a successful career spanning over 25 years including teaching life drawing and painting, large scale commissions, and countless food packaging illustrations. With a degree in Interpretive illustration from Sheridan College school of art and design in Toronto Canada, I built a company focused on designing and manufacturing custom products for the restaurant and hospitality industry selling my products across North America and the Middle East. Winning Female Entrepreneur of the Year in 2002 for my company called MAD Creations. I eventually grew the company to successfully sell it in 2007. My next endeavor was launching Gallery Delisle in Toronto Canada and gained worldwide recognition for exhibiting the infamous controversial Jackson pollock painting featured in the movie Who The F*** is Jackson Pollock.

A consistent struggle between pursuing business endeavors and the desire to pursue and focus on a fine art career, I have at last chose my lifelong passion of painting.

My artistic philosophy is guided by my daily visual input of life and living on the ocean. My work is intended to be, euphoric, luminous in some cases and optimistic. Trained in formal figurative practices and techniques, my approach is free flowing and expressive. Knowing the rules, I break them with good reasons. No rules in art has been a long-time philosophy of mine. Many of my works embody several layers incorporating acrylic, glazes and collage applied with squirt bottles, sponges, and any interesting textures I can get my hands on to create interest and depth. From realistic portraits to funky street style art, and my new focus repairing well used damaged surfboards into one-of-a-kind art pieces.

Follow Michelle on Instagram @mad_art2020


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