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Portrait of photographer Andrea DeLong

Welcome to the world of extraordinary photography, where your vision becomes a stunning reality. I'm thrilled to introduce myself and embark on a creative journey with you. With a diverse background spanning the realms of modeling, fashion photography, and art direction, coupled with over 15 years of expertise as a portrait photographer, I've cultivated a unique approach that delivers awe-inspiring imagery.My career has been a tapestry of artistic experiences, and I'm ready to weave your aspirations into visual masterpieces. If you're seeking senior pictures that transcend the realm of stiffness, clichés, and over-posed shots, you're in for an exceptional experience.My portfolio isn't just about pictures; it's about crafting a narrative through images. We're not here to produce generic results but to create custom art that mirrors your essence. Together, we'll sculpt magazine-worthy photos that encapsulate your true self and aspirations. Your journey with me isn't just a photography session; it's a transformational experience, an opportunity to redefine your image and capture moments that truly matter.I can't wait to collaborate with you, unlocking the doors to a world of creativity and delivering magazine cover-worthy results that are unmistakably you.


At Andrea DeLong Photography, we've got you covered: professional headshots, stunning senior portraits, and cherished family memories. We're your go-to for event photography, too - capturing your special moments with style.

We're not just taking pictures; we're crafting your story. Let's chat, co-create, and make your vision a reality. Each shot is an art piece, your story.So, why wait? Join us at Andrea DeLong Photography. Experience excellence and images that become a part of your life's story.


Recognizing the distinctive nature of each client, we acknowledge that your vision for your photographs is a profound reflection of your individuality. At Andrea DeLong Photography, our mission is to breathe life into your vision, crafting images that authentically capture the very essence of who you are. Taking the time to comprehend your unique vision, future aspirations, and the specific ambiance you aim to encapsulate, we curate a photography session that is uniquely tailored to you.

Painting Wall


The best part of the journey is dreaming big. Where you want to go, want to end up or where you are, are the best parts of YOU and we move mountains to make that vision come to life.


Once we see your vision we hit the ground running to find the closest and best match to achive your vision. Every session is custom scouted and locations found just for you. 

Portrait photography


I know this seems silly however learning to move like a model isn't hard, it's new. When you know what to do prior we can get past feeling awkard and start getting closer to who you are. 

Seasonal Picks


Once we have a clear idea of the concept we then can dress to it. This makes sure we are dressing to the scene creating a editorial style without the cost of a stylist. 


Male portrait of a pianist
Andrea is not only the best photographer I have ever worked with, but also one of the most genuine and kind humans I have ever met. Professionally and personally she is 10/10 in all categories. You will NOT regret hiring her!

Will OKeys - Piano Player and Performer


Based in the vibrant city of Kansas City, we take pride in being your go-to Kansas City Photographer. Our passion for photography, combined with technical expertise, results in visually stunning images that leave a lasting impression.

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